Once Upon a Zombie: Book One: The Color of Fear (Hardcover)

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Ten Major Awards And Counting!

She’s vulnerable. Phobic. And fourteen-years-old. Ever since Caitlin Fletcher’s mom mysteriously vanished (or left?) four years ago, Caitlin has become riddled with irrational fears. Her life takes a turn towards the bizarre when she winds up in a strange new universe where she discovers that there is one thing far more frightening than zombies and panic attacks –

The Truth

Bestselling and award-winning author Billy Phillips has spun a witty and original tale with a relatable teen heroine, wry humor, and a plot twist that packs an emotional wallop!

Kirkus Reviews called the novel “Undeniably cool” and it’s fast becoming the book that’s bonding mothers and daughters.

In response to reader demand, a sequel is already in the works targeted for an end-of-year 2016 release!

  • logo6Best Pre Teen Book
  • logo5Best Juvenile Fiction
  • logo5Best Cover Design
  • logo4Best YA Fiction
  • logo3Kirkus Best
    Books List 2015
  • logo1Best Juvenile Fiction
  • logo1Best Cover Design
  • logo2Best Juvenile Fiction or non-Fiction
  • logo7Best eBook
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