Posted by Caitlin Rose Fletcher on September 11, 2015

So it’s the end of the first week at my new school here in London. It’s been ok, except the fact that everyone here is dressed exceptionally well. Made some friends…and already some enemies.

Major drama on the first day of school.

There’s this senior and rugby player Barton Sullivan — he has a serious temper…

My new friend Jack (totally decent guy) saw Barton bullying this kid Erwin. He was flicking Erwin’s glasses off his face over and over. Typical teen bullying. How sad.  Jack saw what was happening. He then jumped in-between the two to stop the fight.

Barton took that as another cue to beat up a student. He stood over Jack, smiling. Jack totally flung his fist into Barton’s face, and then casually gave him some tissues for his nosebleed. And THEN he requested an apology!

Everyone was watching.

Barton then did something totally unexpected. He apologized. I think he was impressed that someone had the guts to stand up to him…and stand up for someone else, like Erwin. Also, it’s just not cool to beat up another cool person.

A few days later I saw Jack and Barton hanging out. Total surprise.

An exciting first week.

Now all I have to worry about is the Halloween Masquerade Ball at my school, on my birthday…

I don’t have a date. And I don’t dance (EVER!) in front of people even if I did have a date.

So many different feelings inside me.

And we’ve only JUST started the year.

Enough writing for now…I need to open the window to let some air in this room.


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