Posted by Caitlin Rose Fletcher on August 3, 2015
There’s a thunderstorm outside. Kind of fitting. I’m not having the best day. I’m feeling kind of anxious. All I want to do is crawl into bed with a good book and ignore the world. I guess there is something soothing about when the weather reflects your mood. We learned about that in Lit class. … Read More
Posted by Caitlin Rose Fletcher on August 19, 2015
Found an old record. A vinyl one. From like the olden days. It belonged to my mom. She’s from London. Her own dad was some kind of rocker during the 1960s. He had left her all his records. I found one this morning while packing for our move from New York to London (ugh!) It’s some … Read More
Posted by Caitlin Rose Fletcher on August 21, 2015
Today we move. From New York to London. My dad’s company is paying for me to attend a school in London with a US curriculum. The Kingshire American School in London. Ugh. Our flight leaves at 5:15 PM. I can’t believe I am saying that. I am leaving behind my friends. I am leaving behind … Read More
Posted by Caitlin Rose Fletcher on August 30, 2015
I’m here. In London. Central London. We live in an apartment on Royal Street. It’s been over a week already and I still can’t believe it. I’m a little stressed and a little freaked out. My mom was from London. Know what’s weird? As soon as I went on online I found this song. It’s … Read More
Posted by Caitlin Rose Fletcher on September 11, 2015
So it’s the end of the first week at my new school here in London. It’s been ok, except the fact that everyone here is dressed exceptionally well. Made some friends…and already some enemies. Major drama on the first day of school. There’s this senior and rugby player Barton Sullivan — he has a serious temper… … Read More