About the book Once Upon a Zombie

An Award-Winning Novel!

Your Favorite Fairy Tale Characters Walking Dead!

And a Twist You’ll Never See Coming!

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Fourteen-year-old Caitlin Fletcher is afflicted with numerous fears and anxieties. Her life takes a turn for the bizarre when she is tricked into climbing down the proverbial “rabbit hole” landing in a wondrous fairy tale universe. Except that Wonderland, Neverland, Oz and all the fairy tale kingdoms are suddenly crawling with savage blood-eyed zombies.

But what’s scarier – a blood thirsty zombie, a panic attack….or a long suppressed truth?!

Book one of a trilogy, the award-winning YA fiction novel One Upon a Zombie by bestselling author Billy Phillips, is dazzling both middle grade and young adult (YA) readers who love fantasy, unexpected twists and reimagined fairy tales done right!

Generating 5-star rave reviews from Goodreads, and high praise from Kirkus Reviews and Publisher’s Weekly, this is definitely not your grandmother’s fairy tale!


Freaking epic!! Perfect! I already can't wait for book two!

- Ash

i "preread" this book for my preteen child just to make sure that it was appropriate and i actually wound up finding the book to not only be appropriate; but entertaining to read as an adult as well! i've now purchased additional copies for gifts to give out at later dates! :)"

- BBlock

My Favorite Book of 2015

- Maria Gagliano

Once Upon a Zombie was far more than I thought it would be!! I love YA so gave it a try and now I'm hooked, cannot wait for more of this world!!!

- Cupcakes and Books

This book was absolutely one of the best books I have read in my entire life!!! Can't wait for book 2!!!

- Brooke Shell

I seariously could not put it down. I just cant wait till book 2 comes out when ever it dose

- Jacob
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Billy was born in Toronto, Canada and moved his wife and four children to Los Angeles in 1994.

He is an award-winning, bestselling author, producer, and lecturer who wanted to address the social anxieties and phobias that afflict young people.

He has been ghostwriting for the last fifteen years, and his books have sold millions of copies. Once Upon a Zombie is his fiction debut under his own name.

When one of his children suggested he write a zombie book under his own name, Billy conceived the idea of merging the iconic fairy tale characters with the zombie phenomena.

Zombie Cinderella and friends were born!

Billy had the privilege of lecturing at NASA, at the Kennedy Space Center, on the subject of science and spirituality, sharing compelling ideas which he interweaves in his novels.

In his multi-award-winning YA fantasy novel Once Upon a Zombie, Billy envisioned the zombies as a metaphor for all those relentless negative thoughts and paralyzing fears that try to swallow us whole. The fairy tale characters are a metaphor for what middle graders and young adults aspire to be. And though his breathless fantasy novel plays out in an otherworldly universe, the underlying message in this award-winning YA series is really about that unseen zombie inside all of us!